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Training Pads - Feathers 'n' Fur
Size 40 × 50 cm Perfect for toilet training your pet  Lock in moisture and super absorbant
91,000.00 LBP
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Unscented Poops Bags
Unscented poops bags × 3
45,500.00 LBP
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Flea & Tick Spray - Bioline
Protecting pets health Usage: hold the product 15cm from the pet, spray 3-5 times evenly on the pet fur, cage and surrounding areas in order to clean the certain area thoroughly.
110,750.00 LBP
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Cologne Deodorant Freshing Spray 207ml - Bioline
Aiming at the bad smells caused by the pet body and environment. Eliminate the bad smells in three seconds, leave a pleasant smell.
176,500.00 LBP
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