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V Hair Comb Machine

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Allergy free treatment

Disposable filter system

LED illuminated filter

Compact design

Adjustable combing angle

Rounded stainless steel comb teeth

Reusable and for use by the whole family

Easy to use

Vacuum technology to remove head lice

Plugs into electrical outlet


How to use the V-comb Anti Lice Machine ?

This product is very easy to use. Please pay attention to the following lines in order to use this product in the best manner:
1 – First of all; you have to open the main assembly of the V-comb Anti Lice Machine to attach the filter.
2 – Gently pull of the assembly and it will be open
3 – Now, you have to place the filter in its slot and after that you have to rotate the tip of the filter in a clockwise direction, so it closed tightly
4 – Now you are ready to go. Place the plug of the machine in the standard electrical socket to make it work
5 – Now your machine is complete to start. Press the ON the button to start the machine
6 – In the next step, you have to gently comb through the hair in patches. It is recommended to use the machine on the front side of the head and afterwards on the back side
7 – As you comb through the hair, the suction of the machine will lift all the traces of lice and traps in the filter. In this way you have to comb through all the parts of the hair
8 – Remove the filter when you are finished place the lid on its top. After that disposed off the filter at a safer place

V Hair Comb Machine
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